Наша семья решила приобрести недвижимость на Тенерифе. От души благодарим фирму «Виза Верде» за то, что они предоставили нам несколько вариантов потенциальной покупки с выездом и показом на месте. Выбрав понравившийся вариант, фирма быстро, тщательно и с надлежащими гарантиями оформила сделку. Теперь, приезжая отдыхать в свой дом, мы с благодарностью вспоминаем о людях, профессионально работающих в этой проверенной временем и многочисленными клиентами фирме.

Олег и Елена Мазия

To Marilyn, Connie, Tanya and all the other girls. We are sorry we haven't written sooner but this has been a very busy time for us, Mum has now got a moving out date and we have all been frantic getting het furniture and personal treasures ready to be moved to our new house in the sunshine. We have also been decorating a bedroom in our house for her to move into untill we all can move permanently to Tenerife, which could be as soon as April 2004, we have our son's wedding in December this year and as soon as that is over we can prepare to move, this will be 2 years sooner than first planned. We have found that since even the very short stay in our new house it has been very difficult to settle down and get back to work here. We would like to thank you all so very much in helping us fulfil our dream to move into the sun and with all your help and sound advice we have done this.

Vic, Jean Long & Mum

VisaVerde CS S.L. in Tenerife, kom je er wel!! Voor alle beleiding die je nodig hebt kun je bij ze aankloppen het wordt goed en snel geregeld, niet zeuren maar doen mentaliteit en dat is erg welkom in de spaanse mañana, mañana? cultuur!!

Henriette van Oorschot Broeders

I visited the VisaVerde CS S.L. site and left an enquiry.I was introduced to Sue by return and I had several viewings organised for me. The service was fantastic with English and Spanish fluently spoken.... except Sue! Only kidding!! Before long I had found a villa and I can honestly say that everything financial was explained and all transactions took place without a hiccup. Best thing though was Sue's Spanish!! Reminded me of a "Mind your Language Class". Hee hee! It did make me laugh. Good thing is that Spanish is fluently spoken in the office (including Sue), which was invaluable as the sellers did not speak any English at all. It was also invaluable at the Notary's office on the day of purchase. An excellent company to work with. I'll definately go back..

Jim Drennan

Wij hebben een appartement gekocht in de Ponderosa via VisaVerde CS S.L. en zijn zeer tevreden met de verloop en de afhandeling van de verschillende papieren van de notaris, kadaster enz. Normaal koop ik niet vlug, maar ditmaal voelde ik mij er heel goed bij. Chris en Connie, bedankt

Julien en Ghislaine